What is The Hubspace?

The Hubspace offers coworking desks for monthly and permanent tenants as well as hot desks for daily rentals. We also have meeting rooms for rent during business hours and our entire event hall for evenings and weekends.

Experience has proven that collaborative coworking spaces work very differently than traditional office spaces. The Hubspace is designed to facilitate the growth of technology, innovation, and entrepreneurial ecosystems by providing intentional focus on the space design, events we host and the curated coworking members to create increased collaboration opportunities, and vibrant working environment that innovators thrive on.

For those who still want to benefit from the culture at the Hubspace even if it isn’t suitable for your workspace or office, we invite you to stay connected by coming to our events, subscribing to our newsletter, or checking out our membership option.

Who started The Hubspace?

The Hubspace was a plan that grew out of several small businesses wanting a place to grow their businesses and work collaboratively. Innovation Central Society took on the challenge of making that dream a reality, and we began to form our Founders 50 with Integris as our title sponsor. While ICS operates the Hubspace, its creation and growth have been due to a collaborative effort from the community.

More About The Founders 50
More About ICS

But Why?

The Hubspace strives to provide both economic and social benefits to the community and region:

  • Increased economic sustainability through new startups, job creation and the attraction/expansion of existing enterprises
  • Connection to support, training, and space for entrepreneurs
  • Aid in the growth of the innovation/technology sector within Prince George
  • Local training and experiential learning for post secondary students.
  • Growth in the creative and innovative community in Prince George’s downtown
  • Aiding in revitalization of Prince George’s downtown
  • Increased knowledge of, and traffic to, downtown businesses, social, and cultural facilities
  • Bringing freelancers, independent contractors and solopreneurs out of their homes and into the downtown core

Future Plans

The Hubspace is still in Beta mode, so we have some exciting plans to implement as we grow. That includes:

  • Renovations of the interior for comfort and style
  • Regular programming for freelancers and entrepreneurs
  • Opportunities for the arts, technology, and corporate sectors to collaborate and exchange expertise
  • Support groups for self-taught online learners
  • An online community for coworkers

Want to help us make this happen or make a suggestion?