Coworker: Camille MacDonald
Business: PopMedia
Specialties/Services: Social media marketing & video production
Working at the Hubspace: October 2016 – Present
Membership Type: Coworking desk


Camille MacDonald is the living embodiment of the shift from traditional to digital media. Previously an anchor and reporter at CKPG, Camille struck out on her own in fall of 2016 to start PopMedia as an independent digital marketing expert. From the beginning, PopMedia found a home at the Hubspace. We sat down with Camille to see how coworking was working for PopMedia.

What do you do?

“Well, PopMedia does a little bit of everything. That’s been a part of the business in the first few months, trying to hone in on what exactly my wheelhouse is. I’ve done everything from running social media profiles to creating content, updating websites, and pretty much everything online. Now I’m definitely focusing more on video production for use in social media campaigns. Promoting a product or an event using video, which travels best online anyway, and using that as a vehicle to target [the client’s] demographics and get the information out there.”

Do you also do social media scheduling and management?

“I definitely do all of the [social media] scheduling and some graphic design: everything in the social media realm.”

Why did you decide to work out of the Hubspace?

“It was kind of a no-brainer for me when I decided to start the business. I definitely didn’t want to be at home and having done stories for [CKPG] about the Hubspace when it first opened, I knew it was a perfect space [for me] and not just a downtown office that’s super affordable, but it is also a nice community to be a part of. I get to go to different events and meet lots of different people.”

What was your business like before you started working at the Hubspace?

“I was at the Hubspace even before my business officially launched. I did the Futurpreneur workshop here (Rock Your Business Plan). Maybe I had started the business by Tech Week. It’s all kind of a blur to me now. But this is the place where I’ve been working most days and trying to grow my business from zero to something.”

What is your business like now?

“I have my editing computer at home, so I split it up that way. My largest clients are Two Rivers Gallery and the Chamber of Commerce, and then I have shorter contracts with other organizations for projects that they need to be done.

“It’s something that I should have clued in earlier to do, to focus on video. It sets me apart from other people who do the same thing. It really depends on the client and what their demographics are, but it’s my strong point.”

“I really could take on a lot more clients, because there seems to be a really big demand for help on social media, but I’m limited to how many hours I have as an owner/operator. Plus there’s so much to learn, starting a business: trying to do everything well and not overextend myself, as well as get as efficient as I can be to take it to the next level.”

How often do you work at the Hubspace?

“I’m generally here Monday to Friday when I’m not out visiting clients or shooting video or editing at home.”

What benefits have you noticed from working here?

“It’s nice to be able to tell people when I’m out and about or networking that my office is here at the Hubspace. Most people have heard about it and it’s a nice conversation starter. It’s also nice to have some familiar faces around. It’s definitely super different being on your own after being used to being in an office environment. My old office (CKPG) was pretty big, and now being on my own, it’s nice to visit clients, but it’s not the same as being an employee. It’s nice to chat with [the other coworkers].”

What is your daily routine/workflow like?

“I generally start with my to-do list in the morning and make sure that everything that’s urgent and immediate gets done. Then it could be anything from writing posts and scheduling them or being out on a shoot, editing, or I write blogs and articles. It’s pretty varied, but there’s always something to do. I’m never just sitting around and chilling out.

“I generally try to stay to a traditional work schedule, like a nine to five kind of thing, but a lot of the time there are things that fall outside of that. And that’s ok, it’s not every day that I’m up early or out late, but I do it. I do what needs to be done.

What are some challenges that you are currently working to overcome in your job/business?

“Building capacity is my number one challenge right now, which is a good problem to have. I just get so excited when I see projects, but I have to be careful not to take on too much until I get to that point.”

What are some exciting projects that you are working on?

“One exciting project that I’m working on is for the Chamber. I’m doing a video series on their business excellence awards winners. I’ve only done one so far, but more are in the works and hopefully in the next month we’ll be able to start releasing them. That’s one of my favourite things, which reminds me a lot of my old job. Going out, meeting people, talking to them, setting up shots, just getting to know people and sharing that through video.

“It’s something that I should have clued in earlier to do, to focus on video. It sets me apart from other people who do the same thing. It really depends on the client and what their demographics are, but it’s my strong point.”

What is one thing that you would like readers to know about PopMedia?

“I guess that I’m still a reporter. That I am just reporting online now. The way I see it, the web is huge, but growing more and more, and it’s just where I see the future of broadcasting. People are always going to want to know what’s happening in town. I’m a visual type of person, that’s why video works for me. Some people enjoy print, some people enjoy radio. It’s just telling stories about local people and places. I just really like Prince George, which is one of the reasons I wanted to stay and start a business here. I saw huge potential here, and I wanted to create a niche for myself and be the best at what I do.”