As part of tech week, we hosted a Gamers and Makers panel at the Hubspace for the purpose of helping parents leverage video games and maker culture to help their children express their creativity and gain valuable life skills.

If you missed it, you can watch it here (skip to 2:00 to get to the panel)

A huge thank you to the panelists

Kelsy Polnik (Game Quest)
Shawn Caldera (Volcanic Gaming)
John Makowsky (Vector Finesse)
Carolyn Holmes (MakerLab 2RG Mentor)
Darren Ditto (MakerLab 2RG Mentor)
Cliff Waldie (Teacher at Ecole Lac des Bois)
Shane Parmar (Prince George Public Library)

Resources cited

Local Resources

Online Resources

  • Steam and Youtube reviews for video games to preview content.
  • – Lessons for children of all ages to learn programming
  • CodeAcademy (more advanced) – lessons for specific programming languages and career track curriculums.
  • Scratch – Visual “block-based” programming platform for making games and animations
  • Tynker – a game-based learn-to-code platform with guided lessons.
  • Codingame – similar to Tynker’s teaching style, but much more advanced.
  • SketchUp – 3D modelling
  • Thingiverse – source for 3d models and designs (printable at Makerlab 2RG!)
  • Adafruit Industries – Online maker community with how-to guides and opportunities to share your creations
  • Youmagine – Open source 3D designs
  • Instructables – tutorials and guides that show you how to make just about anything
  • Make Magazine – resources, tutorials, and inspiration for makers